Metropolis by Simon Fetscher
09.14.14 /21:55/ 1975

(via Contemporary Fine Arts - CFA Berlin - Work - Juergen Teller - “Louis XV series of 28 works” - 2004)
09.14.14 /20:30/ 59

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - At the Moulin Rouge
09.14.14 /20:28/ 442




Bon F/W 2014
09.12.14 /20:07/ 86


In Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s nautical-inspired spring collection for Lacoste, traditional items like rain jackets were outfitted with transparent hood visors and waterproof fabrics. Waterproofs are made by coating natural or synthetic fibers with a polymer like PVC or rubber that can be tuned for breathability. At a molecular level, these materials have a characteristic non-polar surface to prevent water molecules from penetrating the layer. A more advanced version of this can be seen in the GIFs above showing the superhydrophobic surfaces GE researchers are developing. Perhaps soon these surfaces will make their debut on the runway. 

- Chris Ing, | #iOnFashion, NYFW 2014 | Photo credit © Yannis Vlamos.

I’m just going to pretend Marc Jacobs didn’t happen this season. 

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Mini golf go kart looks. Proenza Schouler ss 2015.

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